Fuel: 496 liter, 276 Nm
Day/nights: 153
Visited places: Harön, kna marinmuseum, saxemara varvet, tjärö, östersjöfestivalen, tärnö krogen, sandhamn, kristianopel, ornö, kna tallebryggan, hanö, karlshamn city.




  • Oilfilters
  • Fuelfilters
  • Airfilters
  • Motoroil (Delvac 15W-40)
  • Gearboxoil (Delvac 15W-40)
  • Impellers
  • Oiled the inside of the hull with 9 liter
  • Zink on shaft, trims, engine, gearbox
  • Oiled the deck
  • New sun panel 135 watt
  • New batteries 155Ah X 3 (GNB Sprinter XP12V4400FT)
  • Balanced propeller shaft
  • Balanced propellers
  • Balanced rodder
  • New propeller shaft sealing
  • New rodder sealing
  • Nya cutless bearings
  • Repaired damaged transom on six places
  • Rebuilt the propeller shaft transom and inserted  stainless tubes and fixed it with epoxi.
  • New bilge pump i the aft cabin
  • New exhaust transoms
  • New exhaust tubes
  • Washed cover
  • New heat tubes for the warm air i front of the boat
  • New tubes for the toilet and new pump