Buying Serenity
We found the boat on “blocket” in the spring of 2014. We became very interested because the boat’s interior was exactly what we were looking for.

So we contacted that owner who lived in Norway but had the boat annually at his summer house in Sweden (lökholmen). We went up to the couple who owned the boat and did a thorough inspection as well as a test tour on the sea and already I knew this was the boat we were looking for.

We went home to consider the matter but after a couple of days we decided that this boat would be ours and contacted the couple in Norway to make a bid. The couple accepted the offer and we ordered a truck for transport the 50 miles that the boat would be transported down to southern Sweden (Blekinge).

On July 3, 2014, it was finally time for the boat to arrive and the launch was eminently done and we could finally drive out into the archipelago with our beautiful Storebro Royal Cruiser Baltic 34.

First three years
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The small trip in Sweden “Göta Kanal”
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The big trip throu Europe to the Mediterranean and Spain
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